Lost A Part Of Me, Found A Part I Never Dreamed

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and I’ve even been on social media. My life has changed dramatically in the last few months… but I am still here!

Jenna in Japan!

Jenna in Japan!

It’s going to be 4 years this February since Jenna’s passing. I still think about her daily, I saw the sunrise this morning… it was absolutely stunning – bright, vibrant pink and purple skylight shining across the horizon of the bay. For that split second it reminded me how lucky I was to be alive to watch the sunrise, to have the ability to “conquer the world”, and ultimately make this day the best I can. Losing Jenna changed my life forever, it was the first time I can say I felt completely alone even though I had many loved ones around me. I didn’t know how to deal with the pain I felt day in and day out, the realization that occurred over and over that she was really gone. The easiest way was to move away, become someone else. But what I did is move away and started to become a person I knew I did not want to be. I knew I had to change my ways.


I remember one of the first times I went to a hot yoga class, I felt ridiculous: unbalanced, unfocused, and a little giggly.  But once I let go of my fears and started to relax my body miraculously started feeling in sync with the others. I remember listening to my breathe, feeling my chest and lungs expand with air, and then slowly releasing; in that peaceful moment such a simple thing as breathing became so powerful.  The instructor said “Take yourself to one place anywhere in the world, with one person you love”

My mind began to create a video in my head… I was in a field with brown tall wheat grass that was slightly moving in the light breeze against the dusk horizon. Suddenly, the sun begins to shine bright and an image appears, there she stood dirty blonde wavy hair, that big smile, and wide open arm. I felt her embrace, for that moment I felt Jenna- soul to soul. Then what happened next brought the largest smile to my face, the music in the background changed from the normal “calming” yoga instrumentals to Bob Marley’s “Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright.”  I felt the sides of my mouth grin up and tears stroll down my face. I was right, she was there with me. And at that moment I made the decision to start doing yoga daily. Yoga daily soon turned into yoga and cardio, which turned into weight lifting and cardio, and has now left me at my final spot which is finally figuring out myself.



Though my life is beyond complicated at the moment, I am okay with that. I have given up the standard office job to follow my passion in the fitness industry. I have changed things in my personal life, a place I haven’t been in over 7 years. I have dedicated myself to maintaining my body and constantly looking for progression. If you still aren’t sure what you are doing with your life… where you belong… or just feel like you are missing a part of you… go workout. Take a fitness class, become part of a fitness challenge, and set goals! You will be amazed at the person you become if you just incorporate 3 days a week of healthy activity into your life!


I’m Back!

My world has been turned upside down recently … I decided it was time to spend some time learning who I am… and what makes me tick. I have been with my boyfriend (who I still adore) for 7 years… since I was 19. I am now 26 and feel like the world is at my finger tips yet I wasn’t sure if I could take the leap. This has been one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, to put myself first… before even the person I love. Sometimes you hurt the people you love, in order to make a better life for them and yourself. We both became comfortable… stopped working on achieving more for ourselves. I became just as much dependent on him as he did me. I do not expect this to be the end of our story… after all I do love him more than the word “love” can even describe …

But for now… I’m loving me.

On that note…. guess who has decided it’s time to compete again! I will be hopefully getting back on the stage in Spring of 2015! Not sure whether I will be competing NPC, OCB, or NPA … but I know I’m ready. My mind is right and I am more excited than ever to finally creating and molding my body after all this time of work. I have hired a new trainer (who works at Kicked Up Fitness in Annapolis with me!) who is a power lifter and will defiantly help me gain some mass to the areas I need. Overall with life… things have been good and I’m developing as a person… an athlete… and a woman.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful year! And time for the blogging to begin!

I only speak the truth….


Okay… so you see me post pictures of my “bikini” bod and you think… HOW DO I GET LIKE THAT?! Well let’s start with a little confession… I do not look like that now. I am not as cut nor am I as tan! Yes… to you if you saw me in person you probably would still think I am slim and toned… but remember where I came from. To go from being so cut and lean back to “normal” is actually hard mentally and physically. So for me this has been a huge learning process from trial and error.


Just like you I to have problems with staying on task and focused… it never goes away! So what’s the difference from me two years ago and me now??? Well… I believe in myself for one… no obstacale is too big… look what I have already done! Two… my diet, though I enjoy some “bad foods” along with alcohol every once in awhile… it is NOT even close to how I used to eat. I am aware of everything I put in my body… and for the most part I eat clean all week and then overdue it on the weekends (like most others!). The way I have stayed on task is that I allow myself one cheat meal a week… PERIOD. I am at the point where my goal is no longer necessarily to lose weight but to keep what I have achieved and add more muscle in the process. I’ve seen a huge change in my body since I did the show… now I can eat more than I ever could before (not saying to go do this!) and not gain weight! My body is actively burning calories…


So what does a typical day of food look like for me… HONESTLY… its quite simple. I eat the SAME thing EVERY DAY! For me that is the only way I can stay on task… occasionally I switch up the protein (as this is important) but for the most part I typically eat every day like this:

Egg whites (Drink them… yum yum)
Oatmeal (1/2 c.) w/cinnamon, peanut butter protein powder, and some stevia! (SO GOOD!)

Snack 1:
Protein Shake

Salad w/Chicken
-Sometimes I add brown rice

Snack 2:
Apple or Almonds or Protein Shake or… you guess it… VEGGIES!

Chicken and veggies

Snack 3:
Spinach shake or Rice Cake (depending on my mood) w/almond butter

I try not to have more than 2 protein shakes more than twice a day… PERIOD. Protein shakes are good to keep your metabolism going… but it should not REPLACE food! Just like everything else… your body gets normal to shakes and this is why CHEAT MEALS are GOOD… they allow your body to work harder than it may be used to!

This past two months I have been all over with my diet… mainly good days but some days I just say “SCREW IT” … have I seen a dramatic increase in weight? No… actually I am lighter than I was a month ago and WAY stronger in the gym! I am a steady 132… which means 16% body fat (considered athletic… hehe I’m proud!)… so now for my next goal… to get down to 125 COMFORTABLY!


Now to the reason for this post… to show you that EVERYONE has issues… we all have hard times staying on diet and maintaining our exercise regiment… but its the person who GETS BACK UP AND PUSHES ON who WINS in the end! This is about being able to BEAT you… its that simple. YOU VS. YOU…. until you get that you will fail because you have to understand… the ONLY REASON why you don’t have the dream body you want is because you have CHOSEN to
not work towards it. Some do not have a choice… but MAJORITY of you do! Stop thinking you CAN’T do it and start
thinking YOU CAN!

The Biggest Loser’s Bobby Saleem Teaches Me A Thing Or Two!


I know I’ve said it time and time again… but I LOVE THE BIGGEST LOSER! Not only do I love the BL but I love what it does for people. A lot of people have been giving the show hate for the recent contestant (who by the way came out and said it is after all a COMPETITION!)… but they haven’t seem to focus on the POSITIVES!


I took a chance by sending a message to this season’s contestant, Bobby Saleem, (my favorite from this season) and to my surprise he actually answered me!!! I loved watching Bobby on the show because he not only worked his ass of every time… but I never heard “can’t” come out of his mouth. He may have wanted to stop but he never did. What also struck a nerve for me was his ability to “come out” on national television. I thought this was absolutely amazing! To think… tons of men and women watch this show and are influenced every day by it… and by him coming out his has allowed other people to feel okay about their sexuality. I was so worried about what his parents would say…just like him….but yet again they surprised me! It was amazing to watch his father support him not only in his fitness venture but even further.

Anyways getting back to the point!!! After speaking with him online… it made me only wish to connect more with him! If I lived in Chicago he would defiantly be my partner in crime! So I decided to ask him if he would be interested in doing an interview for my blog… and here it is!!!


1) Tell us about who you were before BL…what did you do for a job? how did you feel about who you were?

I think my portrayal on the show was consistent with who I am as a person. I am a smart, funny, and driven person. However, I did suffer from very low self-esteem and had virtually no confidence in myself whatsoever. I was an associate attorney for a general practice firm. I was uncomfortable in the person I was. I did not cope with my sexuality appropriately, and truly felt generally lost in my life. It definitely affected my relationships with my family and friends because I gradually began to isolate myself. Also, professionally, as a lawyer, I felt very uncomfortable and unconfident. I felt like I could not be the zealous legal representative when I was so internally torn.


2) How has BL changed your life?

BL has changed my life in so numerous ways. First and obviously, I became a physically fit athlete and also a healthy individual. Also, I became much more mentally strong. I felt confident in the person I am and truly became a proud homosexual male. Finally, I started to define and shape who I was as a person, and now I know what I want out of life and in the future!


3) On the show you “came out” for millions of viewers… any words of wisdom for people who feel they can’t b/c they won’t be accepted by their family or they are scared of people’s reactions?

Yes, I “came” out in a big way! I would tell similarly situated people to take their time with their decision to come out. I think everyone knows when the right time and situation is for themselves. For me, this was my path. However, I don’t recommend that national television is right for everyone, haha! But seriously, the time will be right and they will know. I would definitely say do it on your terms! Also, for me, this was truly a process of self-acceptance. I would focus initially to accept their sexuality. It’s part of who I am, but certainly doesn’t define me. Yes, I am a gay male, and am proud of that fact, but there are many facets of Bobby that I am also proud of that. Once this individual truly accepts everything about them, then they are ready to come out. Luckily, my family was very supportive; however, I was ready to handle it if they weren’t. I was ready to step away and be a happy person, and not care what their negative feelings toward me may be, and this is because I came to a point where I loved myself. That’s truly important.


3) What is your favorite body part to workout and why?

I don’t know if it’s certainly my favorite part of my body to workout, but I have focused on my gluteus maximus! Haha. It’s primarily because I seemingly don’t have an arse anymore!!! I am trying to have some semblance of a booty.

4) What is your prefered training type? Cardio? Weight lifting? HITT?

I love cardio. I particularly love indoor cycling. I am pretty much addicted to it. Having said that, I do need to put some muscle on this body so I have to love to weight lift as well.

5) How to you curve your cravings?

I take a moment. Every addiction passes after 3-5 seconds. If that doesn’t work, I drink tons of water. I then wait 10-15 minutes. Usually, that does the trick. However, if I am truly hungry, I will then prepare a healthy snack or small meal.


6) What was it like training w/Bob & Jillian?

It was simply amazing and surreal! Bob was the perfect trainer for me, and mostly because I came into the show with a torn ACL. He modified all my exercises so I can still get a great work out but also prevent strain on the bad knee. Jillian was so motivating and made me realize that I can push above and beyond my own expectations. I had made very strict boundaries for myself, and in no way, shape, or form believed that I would make it as a finalist. She helped me gain that mental strength to know that I am a force to reckon with in the house! I think they are both exceptional people and true professionals. I respect the two of them so much. I truly believe that they made me into a better person, and I am indebted to both for my personal and physical progress. I have deep affection for both, and will hopefully maintain a friendship after the show.

7) Any advice for people who are trying to lose weight but can’t seem to?

I think the first thing to figure out is the reasons they struggled with food. Obviously, everyone knows what mine was on the show. Because I was allowed to really delve into my issues and figure out why I gained the weight in the first place, it then allowed me to just lose weight. I had to figure that out. I will then tell people to fix or understand those issues first. The rest will follow when internal peace is truly created. 8) Who have been your biggest supporters? My friends and family have been such an exceptional source of support. I have an amazing, supportive group around me and that makes me extremely lucky. The fans have also been amazing. I really have awesome and hot fans, and am truly appreciate of all of their support!

Also, please “Like” and “Share” my fanpage here: https://www.facebook.com/BobbySaleemBL15 Finally, please follow me at Twitter here: https://twitter.com/BobbyBlueBL15

9) What are your plans for the future? Where will we see Bobby next?

I will continue with my healthy lifestyle. I am primarily focused on being the athlete I have now become. I am training for tennis tournaments, a 2 day 200 miles AIDS Ride, and different races. (Also, I would appreciate any donations here: http://bit.ly/bobbysaleem) I am excited about all of this! There are a lot of opportunities out there for me that I have certainly happened from the show. I can’t wait to formally share those opportunities. The appropriate time will come when I can!

Today Marks 3 Years…

My best friend Jenna Leigh Erickson...taken from this world too soon....I love you forever and always my drunken princess. I will accomplish this goal for you...and I will always live for you. XOXOXO BFF

My best friend Jenna Leigh Erickson…taken from this world too soon….I love you forever and always my drunken princess. I will accomplish this goal for you…and I will always live for you. XOXOXO BFF

3 Years Ago….

My life seemed upside down,

With no where to turn,

All I knew is that you were gone.

Ever since that day, it seems my life has been in disarray,

Nothing ever seems to quite fit,

And everything just pisses me off a little bit each day.

Always In Our Hearts

Always In Our Hearts

I’ll never forget that tragic morning,

When the phone rang…

and at that moment I knew it would never be the same.

I knew someone died… I was ready for the “worst,”

Little did I know what I was about to hear,

Would hit me like a hearse.

My Jen- Jen

My Jen- Jen

When I heard your name I fell to my knees,

Thinking “OH LORD PLEASE” this can’t be true,

Why didn’t you take me?!

Today I still sit… 3 years later,

And my heart still breaks for the love that I lost,

I still dream of you and I frolicking in the snow by the pond.

Miss You XOXOXO Sisters Forever

Miss You XOXOXO Sisters Forever

I close my eyes and see your beautiful eyes,

Big and blue… and oh what about that smile!

From ear to ear you would grin,

Whether you were up to no good or just being a friend.

I sit here wanting to cry for you today,

But instead I stay strong and hold my head high,

Because today will not be about the day you died.

Family Forever

Family Forever

Instead today will be about the LOVE I gained,

From having you in my life….

And I know you felt the same.

When I lost you my world shattered,

But yet somehow I found peace,

In a room full of clatter.

As You Can See Here (I'm in the Pink Shirt) I was chunky when I was younger...always admiring Britney's figure

As You Can See Here (I’m in the Pink Shirt) I was chunky when I was younger…always admiring Britney’s figure

I know you are with me each day,

And every day I push myself harder,

Always in your name.

I wish I could tell you the things I’ve learned,

How I have grown,

And how much I see you in me each day.

My Jen-Jen & Phil

My Jen-Jen & Phil

You may have left this Earth but you have left so much behind,

Alex has your attitude, that humor that always intrigued me,

When I look into your parents eyes I see your soul deep inside,

My brother… who will always love you,

And an N’ SYNC DVD that will be forever of value!

Celebrating Jenna's 21st Birthday

Celebrating Jenna’s 21st Birthday

As the world changes and the time passes by,

Don’t you ever think that I ever have forgotten about you,

My Jedi Shining In the Sky!

I’m Back! Offseason Woes, Tears, & Pounds

I was looking at my last post… November!  Wow I can’t believe I have gone that long without posting on my BLOG! I am trying to get all my social media sites together and am having a hard time an application that seems to do an all in one… but I’m getting it together!

On-season vs. Off-season

On-season vs. Off-season

Since the show my body has defiantly changed. It has changed from being the tight, thin (almost to wear I did look unhealthy) stage body to a more fit “fuller” athletic build. It’s interesting to watch my body change, especially at such a drastic pace. So what are some things I would advise or let future competitors know about “offseason”…. well here it goes…

Be prepared to gain weight and lose abs... but they will come back... remember gains are just as important!

Be prepared to gain weight and lose abs… but they will come back… remember gains are just as important!

1) Be prepared to gain weight. It is almost impossible, and for the ones that don’t they are devoting a lot of time to maintaing their prep and eating clean…. they aren’t drinking alcohol (one thing I found to put weight back on quickly!), they are eating clean carbs and fats, they are maintaing their workouts, SOME are doing cardio…. basically its a full time lifestyle. I would be lying to you if I said this way of living… “clean and healthy” full time… I enjoy the occasional fried chicken or even a Big Mac if that’s WHAT I WANT. I never hold myself from getting something I want… but if I want to win enough I will hold off on that cookie in order to say I WIN!

Enjoy LIFE!

Enjoy LIFE!

2) Allow yourself a break. One mistake I made… I was so pumped from my show and I was even thinking of doing another show directly after… it was overload for me. I had to make the smart decision to lay low during the next show and go into offseason because I found I wasn’t focused. I have allowed myself a break…and am more ready than ever to get back on! Don’t allow yourself to fall off COMPLETELY… for example, I kept my diet pretty much to a T and kept steady weight lifting and HEAVY …thus allow me to build mass still. Now I am left with doing lots of cardio to cut that fat but it gave me the mental break I needed to be ready to get back on my grind!

Jessica James, Bikini Competitor, shows her one month progress... from gains to lean mass!

Jessica James, Bikini Competitor, shows her one month progress… from gains to lean mass!

3) Follow other competitors to hear/read how their bodies change during offseason. I think one of the best things you can do is follow people who inspire you, motivate you, but most of all are honest with you about how their body changes and adapts. Its normal to gain weight in the winter… its normal to feel like you want to give up… all these things we all go through no matter what level of fitness you are in. Following people who are honest and share their journey allow you to see how you are growing and developing too!


4) Set a new goal… date …time… and competition. There is no time to deliberate … mark it on the calendar and start thinking of what you can do to make that writing on the wall a reality. I suggest setting weekly goals along with short period goals (such as 3 months) along with yearly goals… it gives you something to strive for and feel proud about yourself.


5) Be proud of your accomplishment. We tend to overlook and move so fast in life… that we forget how hard or how long it has taken us to get to a goal we set. First … be proud of your accomplishment… even years down the road… be proud. Second…. remember how hard you worked to get there… never forget the pain or the discomfort you went through to get there. Third… never give up. If competitions aren’t for you… that’s fine there are TONS of different avenues to get involved in fitness… get out there and find them!

Protein Confusion

I have now been training for over 7 months… and am still weary about the proteins I buy…after doing a lot of research I have come to some of my own personal censorious on certain proteins and whether they work for the female body.


Whey Protein: 


What is it? 

Whey protein is a milk protein extract recognized for its excellent amino acid profile, high cysteine content, rapid digestion, and interesting peptides.

What does it do?

Whey protein, like other protein sources, provides a rich amino acid supply to the body. Whey protein is rapidly digested and this property of whey makes it optimal for post-exercise consumption since rapid increases in blood amino acid concentrations can lead to acute increases in protein synthesis. Since whey protein also has a good amount of cysteine it also helps increase the levels of glutatmine in your body!
Where does it come from?

Whey protein makes up approximately 20% of the protein in milk. The beneficial properties of whey protein are partly a result of the amino acid composition and partly a result of the active peptides (the unique amino acid chain configurations that make up whey). In order to prevent the denaturing (or destruction) of the interesting peptides, appropriate processing techniques are required.

When and how often should you use it?

I believe this is another trial-and-error situation. Everyone’s body is different, for me I prefer to have a protein shake in the morning, one after my workout, and one right before bed. I do this for a couple reasons…(1) I never want to miss a meal, (2) It helps with cravings at night, and (3) I substitute a fat, like almond butter, in place of carbohydrates. Overall whey protein is considered the best protein for both men and women.

Whey Protein Isolate:


What is it? 

Like regular whey protein this protein is also derived from milk. Ionic whey protein has the highest value in providing branched-chain amino acids, which result in building and retaining muscle tissue.

What does it do?

Whey protein provides the body with the necessary building blocks to produce amino acids that are used for building muscle tissue. Whey protein contains the perfect combination of overall amino acid makeup… and in just the right concentrations for optimal performance in the body. Both hormonal and cellular responses seem to be greatly enhanced with supplementation of whey protein, too! Not to mention the benefits whey protein has on the body’s immune system according to documented scientific research. Whey protein also plays a role as an antioxidant and an immune system builder. Most importantly, consistent whey protein intake coupled with exercise will result in consistent muscle building.

When and how often should you use it?

Whey protein isolate is almost identical to whey protein, but it is made up of a greater amount of BCAA‘s and amino acids. As well many protein isolate’s are time released allowing the body to constantly have protein being feed into your bloodstream. I have found that for the extra cost, the benefit is not worth it in my opinion.



What is it?

Casein protein is a milk protein extract recognized for its excellent amino acid profile, slow digestion, and interesting peptides.

What does it do?

Casein protein, like other protein sources, provides a rich amino acid supply to the body. Current data suggest that exercise can increase protein needs and that increased protein intakes can improve the response to exercise training.

Casein protein is slowly digested and this property of casein makes it optimal for consuming during the day as a snack in the form of dairy products or as a protein shake. Since casein slowly enters the blood stream, it has a negligible impact on protein synthesis.

However, casein does have a powerful effect in suppressing protein breakdown. This may promote a better protein status over time.

Where does it come from?

Casein protein makes up approximately 80% of the protein in milk. The beneficial properties of casein are partly a result of the amino acid composition and partly a result of the active peptides (the unique amino acid chain configurations that make up casein).

In order to prevent the denaturing (or destruction) of the interesting peptides, appropriate processing techniques are required. Since milk protein isolates contain 80% casein, often people will use the terms milk protein isolate as casein interchangeably.

When and how often should you use it?


For me… this protein DOES NOT work. Please remember the body I am trying to build her, much softer and feminine look… not a hard, strong look. Because of this I found that this protein made me look much harder and I also added a lot of water weight when taking this. I felt fuller and unmotivated after drinking this protein. I do not suggest this for women (again my opinion) due to the fact we simply don’t need it unless you want to get BIG.


Reference: Bodybuilding.com

Spicy Turkey Chili— Yum Yum!

So…. I LOVE CHILI! Defiantly one of my favorite good ol’ home cooked meals… and I found this amazing Chili recipe off bodybuilding.com that I had to share!!!


Spicy Turkey Chili

One of the best things about chili is you can make it your own by tossing in your favorite veggies and protein.

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I Can Now Call Myself An NPC Bikini Competitor

I know it has been a while, when I started this journey months ago never did I realize the work and time it demanded. Along with the amazing opportunities it seemed to somehow open!

Me and my 4th Place Trophy! Awesome moment!

Me and my 4th Place Trophy! Awesome moment!

I recently competed in the Big Cat Classic (my first competition) and won 4th Place for Bikini B!

Girls Were Awesome! Loved My Class!

Girls Were Awesome! Loved My Class!

So What Did I Really Get Myself Into?

My typical day:

7am Workout-Cardio

9am-3pm Work

3:30pm-6pm Workout


In between those times I found time to meal prep, clean my house, go grocery shopping, and fitting in “family time.” The diet I feel like comes pretty natural to me… though I am still learning I find the problem isn’t what I have to eat…it’s WHEN and HOW MUCH I have to eat. The last couple days before the show I was eating over 8 times a day! There aren’t even that many hours when I’m not working out or at work…. thankfully my boss is completely encouraging and doesn’t mind me eating every 2 hours at work!

My Team!

My Team!

What Did I Learn?

Well… so MUCH! I learned not only a lot about the sport of bodybuilding but also things about myself. I can say I am so proud to have accomplished a goal I set forth… there is no other feeling like it. I feel like since I have been doing this I have been more organized and focused than ever. It’s an amazing mind and body connection you begin to get….I see why it’s so addictive! I learned also that food is simply fuel for your body… there is no problem with enjoying a frozen yogurt or pasta every once in a while …but it doesn’t have to be every meal. Eating clean is simple…cost effective… and honestly very enjoyable when you see not only results but how easy it is to prep and eat healthy.

My friend Hobbs came all the way to PA to see me in my first show! Made my day!

My friend Hobbs came all the way to PA to see me in my first show! Made my day!

The gym… the gym is your friend! It is not just a place to go hit the treadmill but honestly…use it as motivation! Every day when I go to the gym I am constantly watching everyone… because each person motivates me no matter what size… the point is they are there and working hard too. I also still vow by bodybuilding.com…. it has helped me learn proper form for the exercises my coach sends me…and allows me to constantly learn.

Don't you love the poses?!

Don’t you love the poses?!

Money… this is very expensive but it is worth every dime! Be prepared to not only work hard at the gym but harder to earn extra cash if you need a supplemental income. My thought is…I used to spend $100 at the bar easily …and I would go to the bar sometimes 3-4 times a week…. which would you spend your money on?

My problem area... the booty! Working hard to firm it up for this next show! Work never ends.

My problem area… the booty! Working hard to firm it up for this next show! Work never ends.

Would I Do It Again?

YES! I am competing again already next month. I am still not at the level I want to be and have a lot of hard work to put in! But since I placed 4th I qualify for Jr. Nationals in June… but we will see if my body is ready for that! This takes time to change your body and create the physique you should bring to stage. I see why I didn’t place higher… and I’m okay with that… it just means I have to work harder!

All in all…it was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to further opportunities with the NPC!


I’ve been away from a while…but all for good reason!

Hey guys!

I know I have been slacking on my blog lately but as I figured would happen… contest prep takes a lot out of you and it has been much easier to update my Facebook page instead!

If you haven’t started following me yet, check out my facebook page …. Mind, Body, Soul Challenge. I host monthly 30 Day fitness challenges, post nutrition advice, share my favorite recipes, and provide you with CONSTANT motivation!

I wanted to just write a quick post updating you guys with all my progress and some great stories of how working out has only lead me to SUCCESS!

My original competition date was August 24th but after talking with my coach I decided I was not ready and that I wanted more time to prep, leading us to the new date October 5th. As the competition slowly approaches I am both excited and nervous at the same time! All the hard work I’m putting in…. and I’m worried about falling on stage! I have been rehearsing my walk (which honestly is pretty basic…so I’m not sure how you can mess it up…but I think that’s why it scares me!), doing double cardios, lifting weights, and am currently not eating carbs so I can get rid of the “stubborn fat” left on my body. I am still 3 weeks out….I feel good but I am constantly worrying whether my body is going to be ready to hit the stage come October 5th. But then I remind myself where I have came from…. what I have done…and how hard I have worked to get here.

This mental game you play with yourself once you decide to compete is like nothing else… because the competition really is you against you. I have found that not only am I more productive at the gym then ever…I am also more productive at home and work. My mind is constantly moving, my body is constantly working. There is not a time I sit in one gear… I’m always ready to rev up my engine and GO!

Don’t get me wrong there are hard days….but when you sit back and remember why you began this journey in the first place…it all makes sense again.

So I have some new photos to share some of my progress…. Enjoy! And keep training!